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Explore the potential of the London real estate market with Convici Capital.

The London residential property market remains a symbol of prestige and opportunity, resilient through economic ups and downs. With a stable legal foundation, evolving financing options, and enduring allure, it continues to attract investors worldwide.

Convici Capital offers tailored support for property investors, ready to assist with property acquisition or refinancing in London.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum I can borrow when acquiring a luxury residential property in the UK?

There are many factors that contribute to borrowing power, with the financial circumstances of the beneficial owner, legal structure for the acquisition, and property state and location being just a few. If we look at this question from the perspective of a high net worth individual acquiring property in London, we would likely recommend a private bank lender and these institutions often cap out at 75% LTV.

What documentation do lenders require when considering a mortgage application in the UK?

A lender needs to be comfortable that the borrower has sufficient net income to support the mortgage over a defined period of time. We would look to collect; payslips, bank statements, credit card statements, income tax returns, evidence of other income – dividends, interest etc, evidence of other expenditure – maintenance, school fees etc. If self-employed or the borrower is a corporate vehicle, we would require financial statements and other financial info pertaining to the company.

Is it possible for non-residents to acquire property in the UK?

Yes. We often assist foreign nationals in acquiring or re-financing property in the UK. We see plenty of activity from Middle Eastern and African beneficial owners, often using an offshore structure to house the subject property.

Financing options.

For individuals looking to purchase a home, investors in search of liquidity, or business owners seeking to raise capital, we diligently seek out optimal financing solutions tailored to match your specific needs.

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