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At Convici Capital, we specialise in global debt solutions for high net worth individuals and their businesses.

Our particular focus areas include real estate in London, Jersey, and Dubai, as well as Bridge Loans and Securities Finance.

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I highly recommend Convici Capital. Jack’s responsiveness and ability to coordinate professionals across various jurisdictions were impressive. His commitment to following up with different parties throughout the deal was outstanding. He navigated potential issues with swift resolution, ensuring a smooth process. Jack’s excellent service and hard work were evident. We appreciate his dedication to a seamless and efficient transaction experience and look forward to working with him on future endeavours.

Dubai, 2023


Convici Capital did a fantastic job putting together my mortgage. Being resident in the Middle East, I was struggling to find a lender for the acquisition which was in London. My lawyer introduced me to Jack, who I was able to meet in person almost immediately. Jack explained in simple terms what was required, and put forward a number of options. Despite some delays to completion from the developer, Jack’s commitment never wavered, and we completed with a global private bank as soon as we were able.

Bangladesh, 2024


I would highly recommend Convici Capital. I was initially working with a UK broker on the re-finance of an apartment in London. I needed a Sharia compliant product, and it was clear that the UK broker was unable to help. I was referred to Convici Capital by a banker in Dubai. I met with Jack who placed my case with a bank in the Middle East. Jack introduced me to the banker in person, recommended my lawyer and arranged for an accountant to provide the financial certifications required. Jack’s personal, but professional, manner really impressed, and going forward I would only ever use Convici Capital.

Abu Dhabi, 2024

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For individuals looking to purchase a home, investors in search of liquidity, or business owners seeking to raise capital, we diligently seek out optimal financing solutions tailored to match your specific needs.

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